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Evian collection

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Donated by Greg Millbank, a member of the Nanaimo Yacht Club, these two Genoa sails are from a 65 year old wooden boat named "Evian". This vessel originally belonged to Charles Ullman of Newport Beach. Evian was designed by Bill Lapworth, an American naval architect. Charles Ullman was a well known ocean racer in the 1950s, and when he retired from ocean racing, he had Evian built in Hong Kong. 

Charles Ullman was the father of the famous sail maker Dave Ullman. The story goes that his father made him steer blindfolded when he was learning to sail. In an interview he stated that it served as a big help later on because he was able to use more senses than just sight, allowing him to do tactics and not have to concentrate on steering. This proved to be key to what successes he had later on, including national and world championships to name a few.

For many years, Evian cruised the deep seas, winning the Cruising Club of America trophy for the most deep sea miles sailed in a year on several occasions in the 1970s. The boat made several trips from Los Angeles to the Mediterranean, and one year, raced around Ireland. 

The current owner that donated these sails, has owned Evian for the last 18 years, and is the third owner. Their trips have been confined to most of the BC Coast.

The sails are both Genoas and where retired because of sun damage to the rear edges of the sails. The bright red and white sail is quite old, and the owner said that it has traveled to the Mediterranean as a light air sail. The other white Genoa is newer, and was one of  the owners favourites. Travelling to Alaska and up and down the coast many times.

Make:  65 year old wooden boat

Captain, Owner, Skipper: Greg Millbank

Where it sailed: This Vessel cruised the deep seas, winning the Cruising Club of America trophy for the most deep sea miles sailed in a year on several occasions in the 1970s. The boat made several trips from Los Angeles to the Mediterranean and has raced around Ireland

Sail Features: 2 Genoas, one sail with white features, one with blue. and red.

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SV Shaunsea.png

Make:  Danish LM 27'

Captain, Owner, Skipper: A. Stewart

Where it sailed: local sailing, previous owners sailed up and down the BC and Alaska coast for 40 years

Sail Features: Black sail numbers and graphics 

Shaunsea is a Danish LM27, imported by Colleen and Lorne Shantz in 1983.

The previous owners maintained/sailed it all up and down the BC coast (and to Alaska) for almost 40 years. The current owners that donated this sail took over the care of Shaunsea a couple of years ago.


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SV Iolaire.png

Make:  San Juan 28'

Captain, Owner, Skipper: Andrew Britton

Where it sailed: This Vessel has cruised locally and is a relatively new vessel to the owners. Has been to Salt Spring island.

Sail Features: 1 main sail with blue sail numbers, one genoa with red sail numbers..

OLAIRE which is Gaelic for golden eagle. She is a 28’ San Juan built by Clark Boat Builders out of Seattle in 1980. She has a 15hp Yanmar diesel. 

She has circumnavigated Vancouver island twice and won many club races. She has sailed in Swiftshore.



SV Rasputin.png

Make:  Islander 30' Sloop

Captain, Owner, Skipper: Brian Rendell

Where it sailed: Raced in Vancouver, Silvia Bay-Gabriola, sailed locally- Sooke to Seattle, San Juans, North to Desolation Sound and all of the magical islands in-between

Sail Features: 1 jib, 1 storm jib, and one mainsail with dark blue sail numbers.

Originally owned and raced in Vancouver. Had a reputation as a serious party boat.


Millbank bought the boat in ’93 and has sailed and raced it locally and still does. Wonderful for fun if not speed. Their family has treated the boat as our movable waterfront cottage property. Millbank's boys were 5 & 3 when they started sailing on it, with their magnificent big black lab/cross Jake. "We have wonderful memories and pictures of the lads at all stages climbing all over the boat, balancing on the boom, and reading under the head sail". We have only sailed locally, Sooke to Seattle, San Juans, north to Desolation, and all the magical islands and hidden holes in between.  "The lads developed their passion for the sea and their sailing skills on Rasputin but since then have sailed around the Island and offshore to Hawaii and beyond, with the wonderful SALTS sailing society". 

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