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The Soverel 33 is a boat that was designed in the early 1980’s by Mark Soverel, a world class sailor and yacht designer.  The design was one of the earlier ultra-light, high performance designs to be launched and dominated the racing circuits, particularly in light winds.

The Soverel 33 has been described thus: “The sailing equivalent of a bored-out Corvette, Mark Soverel's most famous design was a racing circuit demon in the early '80s.”


The Mystral, is a Soverel 33 built by George Olsen. It has been variously called ‘Navigator’ ‘Vamp’ (with a big kissy-lips decal), and ‘Nemesis’ (although the history gets a little murky around that!) Mystral became Mystral because the owners couldn’t cope with the kissy-lips. The new owners favourite graphics based video game was Myst (but that was too short for the name-gap on the boat). 


Mystral now races around Cadboro Bay and Haro Strait.  

The reason that her sails are now being re-purposed is that she has been fitted with just non-overlapping jibs, a new adventure for her and her crew!

Make:  Soverel 33

Captain, Owner, Skipper: A.King

Where it sailed: Local racing, Haro Strait

Sail Features: Blue numbers, laminate, texture