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Building strong connections between individuals and the ocean in order to raise awareness & educate on alternative practices towards upcycling 
West coast inspired Bags

History sewn into each product...

With each purchase of one of Salt Legacy's uniquely hand crafted bags, you get access to a community of other amazing owners carrying on the sail's legacy. 

... it's your job to write its future.


The Sail Tote

In collaboration with our friends at ANIAN, we have created a sturdy tote made from upcycled sail cloth featuring inner liner made from offcuts from their rugged Modern Melton wool.

Where can purchase it

 The Sail Tote features two strong shoulder straps, two smaller carry handles, and a zippered security pocket on the inside. To further support our zero-waste practices, the removable liner is made with offcuts of our rugged Modern Melton wool, and an interior label shows you which sail your bag was made from and where it once voyaged. Each tote features unique details from its original sail—and since sailcloth is strong enough to withstand a West Coast gale, you can trust it to haul your essentials for years to come.