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Keeping our oceans clean while carrying on the sails' salt legacy

  First Collections Launching  

  Spring/Summer 2022  

donated sailcloth

The history of where the sail has travelled, sailing vessel name and any historic stories will be included with each handmade product.

upcycled process

Cleaned and revamped into a new West Coast inspired product.

one-of-a-kind product

Handmade individually with limited collections. Ready for any adventure


What connects you to nature?

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Owning a piece of Sail Legacy’s product is like owning a little piece of ocean history. Every sail has a story to tell, returning full circle to creating new salty experiences while reducing the potential of marine debris re-entering our oceans.

We specialize in outdoor accessories that you can take on your next adventure. 

The Problem:

Marine debris are entering our oceans at an alarming rate.

The common sail is made from strong and low stretch materials like polyester and Nylon®, which in turn take hundreds of years to decompose once discarded.

The Opportunity:

Sailcloth is designed to withstand harsh conditions and a variety of long-term environmental exposures. Salt Legacy aims to give a second life to  journeyed sails and other durable materials, transforming them into new products.  

The Solution:

Salt Legacy will contribute to Vancouver Island’s circular economy by offering  the local sailing community a sustainable option for the disposal of “dead sails."


Salt Legacy will encourage individuals to donate their journeyed sailcloth to become new products.

The End Result:

The new upcycled product will inform consumers on its history, to develop a connection to place, adding a personal value to the product.

WE ARE currently testing
& perfecting prototypes

Salt Legacy is currently creating a diverse line of custom handmade products made for outdoor activities. Inspiration comes directly from nature and the individuals that live and play along the coastline.

In the Pipeline:

Adventure Backpack    -    Fanny Pack    -    Duffel Bag    -    Surfboard Carrier    -    Tote Bag

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New Arrival
New Arrival
New Arrival
New Arrival

Living on the West Coast it is virtually impossible not to have a connection to nature. Multiple experiences over time can transform into a deeper understanding; to conserve what you love. Whether it is learning to sail, catching a first wave kite surfing, or just sitting at a beach and observing nature, connections are formed.


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