Building strong connections between individuals and the ocean in order to raise awareness & educate on alternative practices towards upcycling 
West coast inspired Bags

We've built the history into each product...

With each purchase of one of Salt Legacy's uniquely hand crafted bags, you get access to a community of other amazing owners carrying on the sail's legacy. 

... it's your job to write its future.

Keeping our oceans clean while carrying on the sails' salt legacy
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“Learning from yesterday”



Captures the unique stories of individuals' experiences with nature and the environment through video, voice (podcast) and blog style interviews.  


Upcycled Products

“Making a difference today”



Durable adventure bags made from upcycled sailcloth and other recycled materials. 


Manufactured locally on BC’s West Coast. 

one-of-a-kind product


Eco Champions

“Creating a better tomorrow”



Environmental education, speeches, resources and learning materials. Collaborating with other organizations to raise awareness and funds for critical environmental issues.

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WE ARE currently testing
& perfecting prototypes

Salt Legacy is currently creating a diverse line of custom handmade products. ​We specialize in outdoor accessories that you can take on your next adventure. Inspiration comes directly from nature and the individuals that live and play along the coastline.

In the Pipeline:

Adventure Backpack    -    Fanny Pack    -    Duffel Bag    -    Surfboard Carrier    -    Tote Bag

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Behind each Salt Legacy product there is a story.
A story of blue oceans, conquered storms and fiery sunsets… With each product you get access to the Salt Legacy community via your personalized collection hashtag. This is a place to read the sail's history, connect with others, and share your travel adventures.

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The environment needs help and we believe through education and awareness around consumerism we can make a difference.

We take pride in giving materials a second life, while simultaneously educating people on the importance on preserving our forests and oceans.



Salt Legacy believes in the power of connection. Connection to the environment, connection to community, and the inner connection within ourselves. We believe that getting outside and engaging with the natural world, especially the ocean, helps build a deeper understanding of our surroundings, in hopes of admiring and inspiring efforts to preserve it for future generations.


We support A Circular Economy

We believe that waste can be turned into a resource when given the chance. We understand that used or upcycled items have to prove their worth. Some may have already lived a full life, others may have not been so lucky. We take pride in giving materials a second chance by using innovative thinking and clever design.

We Value

Whether it's the original story of the sail’s history; involving changing sea states and grin worthy moments at the helm, the story starts with the donor when dropping off the donated sailcloth. It then continues as a badge of honour that is displayed on each product in the form of a map - detailing the journey traveled and vessel details.

We acknowledge our footprint

Staying true to the nautical roots of our products is important to us – all the thread, hardware, and foam we use is all of marine quality and where possible sourced locally and/or upcycled. We monitor and track the volume of cutoffs to produce our products and believe in being fully transparent when it comes to how our collections are created. 

learning and education

Our Speaker Series and Ambassador programs focus on environmental education, creating resources and learning materials to raise awareness on critical environmental issues.

Our goal is to continuously learn and adapt our practices and use our knowledge to teach those around us to be better stewards of our one planet.




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