Salt Legacy’s team has a deep passion for what they do. They embody characteristics that align with the core values of Salt Legacy’s brand. One of the strongest values is connection. Our products capture the unique story of the sail, then transcribe that into a new upcycled product. We aim to capture the unique stories of our ambassadors and how they are connected to their environment, in hopes to inspire and act as a positive influence towards the protection of what we love.




While living on the West Coast, it is virtually impossible not to have a connection to nature. Multiple experiences over time can transform into a deeper understanding; to conserve what you love. Whether it is learning to sail, catching a first wave kite surfing, or just sitting at a beach and observing nature, connections are formed.


Salt Legacy’s concept resulted from applying to Project Zero’s Incubator Program. Through the incubator program, Meaghan gained valuable tools and training to guide her business startup. "I have wanted to create a project that would connect my interests and passions together. Sailing, the ocean, species conservation and more sustainable alternatives are very important to me."


Owning a piece of Sail Legacy’s product is like owning a little piece of ocean history. Every sail has a story to tell, returning full circle to creating new salty experiences while reducing the potential of marine debris re-entering our oceans. 

The Team: Salt Legacy’s team has a deep passion for what they do. They embody characteristics that align with the core values of the brand. One of the strongest values is connection. 


Meaghan naturally wanted to include ambassadors in her vision of Salt Legacy. She wants to showcase their individual stories and hopefully inspire others to think about their own personal connection to the environment.


She has created a Speakers Series that aims to interview multiple individuals over time. The interview style will be story based and include a fun set of questions ranging from “If you could have one adaptation from your favourite species, what would it be and why?” and ending the interview with “What legacy would you like to leave?” Stay tuned in the Speakers Series section.

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Meaghan McDonald


Growing up in landlocked Alberta, Meaghan found her true calling for the ocean when she started traveling. She realized her passion for the marine environment through scuba diving. She spent many years working overseas as a certified Dive Master, conducting research and giving educational programs on coral reefs (her first true love). Witnessing multiple ecosystems interacting in a foreign world is what initially shaped the rest of her life. She formally studied Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, while contributing to multiple marine conservation initiatives on and under the water.  She currently works on the water as a Marine Naturalist and Program Coordinator for a local education program that teaches younger generations about the importance of our fragile ocean ecosystems in the Salish Sea.


Three years ago she took the leap and bought her sailboat; Spyhop.  With having zero knowledge of sailing, and purchasing her boat within 24 hours of viewing, she has been living full-time on it since. She has a love/hate relationship with her boat, that runs purely on trial and error, but has grown to love the lifestyle and the deep feeling of connection to the sea it embodies. The full story HERE.


"I have wanted to create a project for a while that would connect my interests and passions together. Sailing, the ocean, species conservation, and more sustainable alternatives are very important to me." This is how Salt Legacy's concept was born. 

Stay tuned for her full story in the Salt Legacy Speakers Series. 

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catherine church
Principal - Creative Lead and Operations

As a passionate environmentalist and sailor, it’s no surprise that when Catherine Church met Meaghan, they hit it off instantly. Catherine was introduced to the Salt Legacy project to develop prototypes for Meaghan’s Project Zero Incubator Program project. When they realized their shared values and mutual love of the natural world and sailing, the synergy was immediate. 


Catherine has a strong business sense with experience planning, budgeting, and managing complex, multi-faceted projects but it’s her creative side that’s rocking Salt Legacy’s unique designs. Growing up in Calgary, Catherine spent most of her spare time in the mountains before moving to the coast. She comes from three generations of master tailors and can sew just about anything from gnarly boat canvas to intricately beaded ball gowns. She took her creative and practical skills into the entertainment world and for decades worked in costume, set decoration and props on countless movies, TV series, dance, opera and theatre productions. 


Catherine’s design skills make all Salt Legacy products look as good as a Hollywood star and work as hard as a deckhand in a sou’wester.  

Tisha Becker
Principal - Business Strategist 

Growing up in rural BC, Tisha was raised in the mountains and on the lake. She grew up hiking, kayaking and skiing, giving her a passion for the outdoors.


After graduating from University with a Finance Degree and a Diploma in Digital Art and Design, she started working for an international bicycle touring company both on the marketing team and as a tour guide. Traveling the world extensively broadened her perspective on global, cultural and environmental issues, realizing the importance of sustainability, and how much is at stake for our planet.


Tisha also brings strategic strengths to the Salt Legacy team including marketing, brand development, communications and finance. 


Tisha has worked with various companies in Tourism, Technology and Real Estate to help launch brand awareness through content and digital marketing and website design. She is highly experienced in public relations and event promotion.


Stay tuned for her full story and fun interview in up and coming Salt Legacy Speakers Series.  


Tyra Fabrick

Forest Ambassador

At a young age, Tyra frequently visited Vancouver Island. She instantly fell in love with its beauty, diversity and warmth (not just the weather, but also the people).


She moved to beautiful Vancouver Island from Alberta four years ago and has been exploring ever since. Here on the island, she found her passion for forestry conservation and sustainability. "I was amazed by the sheer size of the trees and their unique habitat that creates so much biodiversity." By exploring the vast forests of Vancouver Island through hiking and camping, she was inspired to attend university to work towards a degree in Forestry and Environmental Management.


She looks to further her knowledge about coastal BC's ecosystems and what she can do to help keep our forests, rivers and ocean healthy. Tyra is a lover of old-growth forests who hopes to help promote these endangered giants' conservation.


Check out Tyra's full story in the Speakers Series section. 

Valerie Messier

Ocean Ambassador

Val originally grew up in Quebec, Canada.  Having a deep passion for the marine world pushed her to sell everything she owned to move to Vancouver Island in 2017.


She has a degree in marine biology, and is an accredited paddleboard instructor, but you can also find her in the waves along the coast surfing and kiteboarding. She is one of the few female captains in the area, driving big and small vessels for a local whale watching company. "No need to say that I have spent most of my life on the ocean."


She avidly supports a minimalist lifestyle, with everything that she owns having a specific purpose. She is currently in the design and planning stages to build her own tiny house.

Val was an easy choice to ask to represent Salt Legacy as an ocean ambassador. She has a true connection to the sea and chooses to fight and respect it at all costs. "I simply love the idea behind Salt Legacy, giving a second life to items that would otherwise end up in a landfill is truly inspiring."


Stay tuned for her full story and fun interview in up and coming Salt Legacy Speakers Series.  



Articles, interviews and media that Salt Legacy has been featured in

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Articles, interviews and media that Salt Legacy has been featured in

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