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The main body of this backpack is constructed of worn-out upcycled sailcloth. Each sail is completely different; displaying unique markings from years at sea. The backpack's inner lining is made from a lightweight kiteboard kite canopy. The bottom of the pack has upcycled material from the kiteboard bladder (the front tube that holds the air of a kiteboard kite) adding durability and structure to the backpack. Some fun features will include, water bottle holders, sail numbers, key clip, funky colored inner lining, waterproof zippers, and a unique story of the life and legacy of the sail.

Adventure Backpack


Each 'Collection' is named after the vessel the sails originated from.
With every 'Collection' comes with a QR code and hashtag that is unique to the specific collection. The QR code will enable the individual to access the “Collection” page on the Salt Legacy website and to share stories and photos of their adventures with the Salt Legacy community. 


Cloverly Collection-01_edited.png

'The Collection Label'

Each product has a label attached as a visual representation of the sail's unique history. It displays the original vessel name and make of the sailboat (SV), the donor of the sail (Skipper), and the collection name for that specific item. This label includes the type of sail its made from (i.e. Gennaker, Main, Genoa, Spinnaker or Jib), and the oceans that it has sailed. The label will also have a unique identifying hashtag (i.e. #SLCLOVELLY) in order to connect easily with social media. 

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