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The sail saw a lot of wildlife over its life, including whales, dolphins, porpoises and sea lions.


In one instance while under sail a “super pod” of Southern Resident orcas (three pods coming together) converged on the position of the sailboat and passed around and under the boat. The Southern resident orcas are made of 3 pods. J, K, and L pod. Today there are only 73 of this population left (Sept 2022). Unfortunately, this ecotype is critically endangered due to the lack of prey (salmon) in our region. Superpods used to be quite common 10+ years ago, but they are rare today due to these animals having to go further to find food. To find out more about these orcas you can learn more at

In another instance it was sailing fast downwind in Johnstone Strait when a pod of dolphins decided to swim alongside, jumping and playing in the wake.

Make:  1999 Catalina 320

Captain, Owner, Skipper: Robert Miller

Where it sailed: Throughout the Salish Sea. Extensively cruised in the Southern Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands, including trips to Desolation Sound and the Broughton Archipelago .

Sail Features: Black sailing numbers, red sailmaker markings


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