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Each 'Collection' is named after the vessel it originated from. To learn more about each sail, visit its unique 'Collection' page.

The Mystral Collection

This will be one of Salt Legacy's first Collections for sale launching in Fall 2022. The Collection is made from beautiful two-tone laminate. These sails are one-of-a-kind. They feature blue sail numbers and waterproof zippers. View the collection for the full sailing history! 

The Mystral


SV Mysral map.jpg



Evian Story Map.jpg

The Evian Collection

This is the first ever collection that we are releasing, we like to call it the "Pioneer Collection". 

These are Salt Legacy’s first ever donated sails that came from a member at the Nanaimo Yacht Club. They are two Genoas that have red and blue coloring with original stitching.  View the collection for the full sailing history!

Clovelly Collection.png

The Clovelly Collection

Clovelly is the only collection that features forest green elements. This genoa has been offshore and faired many coastal storms. View the collection for the full story!

The Alchemy Collection

The Alchemy Collection experienced some very unique wildlife adventures while sailing around Vancouver Island and area.

The Alchemy Collection

Salt Legacy Map Alchemy.jpg
290316716_756888582392895_1988315060822413192_n (1)_edited.jpg

The Sitka Collection

Stika sail map_edited.jpg

The Sitka Collection

The Sitka Collection was used to create our initial prototypes.  This sail was locally donated from a vessel that is getting ready to circumnavigate the globe! Read more about the sail's history and the sailor's journey below. 

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