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Our goal is to repurpose all parts of the sailcloth and reduce the amount of waste gong into the landfill. The components for our products are carefully selected with consideration for their impact on the environment. From zippers, to tags, to packaging, every choice makes a difference.

Outer Layer:

Sails are designed to be used in aquatic environments and built to withstand the rigors of the sea. We chose sailcloth as our main outer layer component because it is extremely durable, fairly resistant to abrasion, flex, and environmental exposures such as heat, UV and humidity. We use original stitching and sail numbers to add originality to the one-of-a-kind piece. 


The canopy of kiteboard kites are used as the inner lining of our products. Not only do they come in fun colors and patterns, they also are specifically engineered to perform in wet environments, providing a second water resistant layer to the product. 


Our products use YYK Water-Resistant Matte Black zippers. The backpack features a side zipper allowing for quick and easy access to your laptop ranging up to15".

We source these zippers locally, thus reducing our carbon footprint, while supporting a local small business in the process.

Woven Labels:

These woven labels are extremely durable and most importantly, constructed mainly of recycled material! They are 90% recycled yarn and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified. This means that the raw textile material goes through an extra step of testing and certification that deem them free of any substances that may be harmful to health.


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Every sail has a story. 
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